Charles Ames Fischer

Teacher Author Consultant Mentor


"The main part of an intellectual education is not the acquisition of facts 
but how to make facts live." ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes 


I can come into your classroom or business to run small workshops on a variety of subjects, including poetry, creative writing, Socratic Seminar, Ancient Egypt, naturalist and many more. These workshops can bring new perspectives and enthusiasm into the work you are doing with your students. Contact me and we can plan an amazing experience!

Homeschool Groups

I can work with homeschooling groups in many subjects. In particular, homeschool groups might be interested in naturalist classes where we can use the great outdoors as a wonderful and lasting teacher. I have lead many different types of hikes, including one-foot hikes to explore the micro worlds around us, silent hikes, senses and sensing, and many more. 

After-School Activities

I can work with after-school clubs and organizations to create enrichment classes on many topics. These can range from a one-time visit to an entire series. Contact for ideas about how I could help your program.