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Group Intelligence

Posted by Charles Fischer on December 30, 2010 at 4:27 PM

Here's a great article on group IQ and how groups function together. It explores how new research is being conducted on how smart groups are at solving tasks. It may be tempting to think that a group made entirely of people with high IQs may produce the best results, but the research is unveiling interesting findings. The dynamics of the group, for example, seem to be much more important. 

Socratic Seminar is amazing practice for working in teams because students practice the essential collaborative skills necessary to be an effective part of a team. With knowledge and innovation becoming increasingly team-based, schools will need to turn to teaching methods such as Socratic Seminar so that students can engage in genuine learning experiences that will directly help them in the future.

Here's an excerpt:

Questions about how to make groups better have taken on new urgency as evidence has accrued that teams are usurping the central spot once occupied by solo contributors. A 2007 Science study found that in science and engineering, patents, social sciences, and even to some extent in the arts and humanities, there is a shift at work — new knowledge is increasingly being produced by teams.

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