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Posted by Charles Fischer on November 4, 2010 at 7:56 PM

Here's an article about how more and more kids getting misdiagnosed with ADHD and are being prescribed anti-psychotic drugs. This is on top of all the other medications already being prescribed for kids who are "hyper" and apparently have attentional issues.

It is amazingly hard to believe that so many parents, teachers, administrators and doctors are missing the obvious: that these supposedly hyper students basically just need to move around and do things, They don't want to sit around and be passive learners. They want to be active learners who process by doing. Get these same students outdoors with a project to do, such as building a treehouse, and the disruptive classroom behavior "miraculously" changes into productive resourcefulness. 

I have seen several studies lately that seem to indicate a simple outdoor walk for these types of students had the equivalent effect of their medication! Just get these kids outside!

Unfortunately, teachers are generally afraid of taking their classes outside. In one poll I saw, "potential behavior management problems" was cited as the number one reason for not taking students out. This can be fixed by simple professional development, such as through Time To Teach

To borrow a phrase from Jon Young: It's not about No Child Left Behind -- it's about No Child Left Inside.

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