Charles Ames Fischer

Teacher Author Consultant Mentor



     Welcome to Charles Ames Fischer's website, where you will find information on what I can offer in the areas of consulting, professional development for teachers and administrators, teaching, and special programs and events. I am a Socratic Seminar and Close Reading expert, a nationally certified Time To Teach! trainer, and I have been a coach for Great books Foundation.

     They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, I dream of magical villages where teachers and students work hard and play harder, where the fun of learning is as important as any academic goal. There is joy in every classroom, adventure down every hallway and wonder awaiting outdoors. In these schools, recess is an opportunity for serendipitous discovery and spontaneous teaching. In such villages, the students develop confidence, critical & creative thinking skills, personal expertise and generosity of spirit through exciting teaching and learning. Contact me and we can work together to create such places.

   Now Out! Award-Winning YA Math Novel 

      My first novel, entitled Beyond Infinity: A MatheMattical Adventure just won a Bronze Medal in YA Fiction at the Independent Publisher Book Awards! Buy the eBook at Amazon or the paperback here.

     When high school senior Matthew “MatheMatt” Forsythe discovers a weird computer and a secret door at school, a series of events unfolds where he and his friends solve one mathematical puzzle after another. After finding a teleportal, Matt and his friend Kelsie travel to a strange world where numbers are actually alive! There they meet the mad scientist Maglio and the ghostly Fifty-Seven and discover that some of the numbers are mysteriously disappearing. They must race against time to find the significant numbers Sixty-One and Three Hundred Thirteen. Why are the numbers disappearing? And what is so important about the number Eight?